I’m Dr. Aline Zoldbrod, nationally known, highly respected, seasoned Boston area Certified Sex Therapist and Diplomate.

I have been known for excellence in sex therapy since the 1990’s, I can share my decades of clinical experience and wisdom in sexual, individual, and couples therapy with you to solve your sexual and relationship problems.

Is your relationship much less than you hoped it would be, or much less than it used to be? Is your relationship so distant or full of conflict that it makes your life worse, not better?

Do you feel sexually abnormal or broken? Are you afraid of being in love or emotionally attached? Do you feel numb sexually and uncomfortable when you are naked?
Are you sexually compulsive or addicted? Have you never experienced sexual desire –or lost the desire you once had? Having trouble becoming or staying aroused?

Whatever your sexual problem, I’ve seen it before. I’ve worked with it before. I would be honored to work with you. I am a highly trained, directive, effective, warm and compassionate psychotherapist. Check out my credentials for the service you’re interested in, and then give me a call at 781-863-1877 to set up an appointment.

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SexSmart.com offers you resources that can help you:
•    Learn how your childhood shaped your sexual life
•    Maximize the joy and pleasure that comes with being comfortable as a sexual person
•    Stay emotionally and sexually intimate with a loved partner
•    Find books to read and other Resources to explore

If you have a sexual issue, and live in the Boston or Lexington area, Call Dr. Z now to make an appointment! 781-863-1877