NASW’s Symposium 2018

On Friday, April 13th, 2018 (at 1:45 PM), Dr. Zoldbrod will be presenting on “Expanding Competency in Sexuality: Recognizing Developmental Sexual Trauma” at NASW’s Symposium 2018, in Framingham, Ma. at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center. This conference is the largest gathering of social workers in New England.


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Tips from Boston Sex Therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod

Can alcohol cause erectile dysfunction?  It sure seemed to be the case with one client of Boston sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod.

Click here to read more about how alcohol and erectile dysfunction may be related and what you can do about it!

Dr. Zoldbrod knows how much harder it is for women to orgasm than men, particularly in longer term relationships when juggling work, friends, and often kids make life seem verwhelming.

Here is here Great Dane exercise, first published in her 2002 book Sex Talk, New Harbinger Publications (with Lauren Dockett).

What is romance?  Have you forgotten how to be romantic with your partner?  Wants some great advice to rekindle things with your partner?

Click here to read Dr. Aline Zoldbrod's amazingly simple tips to increase romance in your relationship!

Before you start popping something daily, you should consider talking to a therapist about your relational and sexual issues, if any.  Doing so could save you from long term problems and overall make your life better!

Read more about what Boston sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod has to say about female libido medication.

The blue pill isn't for everyone, meaning you may not need it (or any drug) to treat your erectile dysfunction.  "How?!", you say?

Read more from Dr. Zoldbrod on things to consider regarding erectile dysfunction before you go blue pill-popping!

Sleep keeps life in your sex life!  Lack of sleep can make you irritable and make it difficult to control negative thoughts which can lead to arguments and distance in your relationship.  All of this will affect your sex life!

Boston sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod has some tips to help improve your sex (and sleep) life!

Sexual trauma and dysfunction can be caused by many things, and can affect female orgasm.  For some women, getting to orgasm is difficult or impossible, but this can be an easy sexual problem to solve!

Read more about Dr. Zoldbrod's solutions for helping females experience orgasm.

Don't be cruel, be cool!  Men and women sometimes say mean things to each other, but this can make the relationship more cold and distant.

Boston sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod encourages you to read more about what happens when you are unkind to your partner.

This one trick can make your relationship better - show more affection to your partner!  It's easier than you think and can even help save you from a breakup!

Read more about how Dr. Zoldbrod says showing more affection can make your relationship better and decrease the chances of divorce!

Men need positive affirmation from their partners, and positive affirmation in the little things is a great place to start!

Click here to read more about these thoughtful tips from Boston sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod!

Do a quick checkup and see if these three rules can help your sex life - trust me, you'll be glad you did and so will she!

Click here to read these three great sex tips for better married sex from Boston sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod!

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Meet Dr. Z - Boston Sex Therapist

about dr zoldbrod

Dr. Aline Zoldbrod is a licensed psychologist, seasoned sex therapist, teacher and trainer in sexuality, and author of multiple books on sexuality.

Practicing sex therapy in the Boston, MA area, Dr. Z is thoughtful and creative in her approach to help her clients gain confidence and overcome issues.

Dr. Z is a repeat author, including the award-winning book Sex Smart. Dr. Z has been featured or quoted in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times,, Los Angeles Times,, Boston Globe, Ladies Home, and in many other publications.