Sleep keeps life in your sex life!  Lack of sleep can make you irritable and make it difficult to control negative thoughts which can lead to arguments and distance in your relationship.  All of this will affect your sex life!

Boston sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod has some tips to help improve your sex (and sleep) life!

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Meet Dr. Z - Boston Sex Therapist

about dr zoldbrod

Dr. Aline Zoldbrod is a licensed psychologist, seasoned sex therapist, teacher and trainer in sexuality, and author of multiple books on sexuality.

Practicing sex therapy in the Boston, MA area, Dr. Z is thoughtful and creative in her approach to help her clients gain confidence and overcome issues.

Dr. Z is a repeat author, including the award-winning book Sex Smart. Dr. Z has been featured or quoted in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times,, Los Angeles Times,, Boston Globe, Ladies Home, and in many other publications.