Individual Therapy

“ I feel an incredible sense of futility & shame that even after so many years, and with so much effort, the emotions are still so powerful. The depth of the pain and loss I feel whenever I really think about the issues feels incredibly daunting to me. After so much time and effort, the entire enterprise just feels futile. Like an abscess that just won’t heal.”


Are you feeling:purchased sad multiracial young woman
Shy?  Depressed?
Anxious?  Hopeless?
Isolated?  Empty?  Broken?

Do you have:
Infertility? Miscarriage?
Issues with motherhood?
Difficult feelings about longing or closeness?
Fears about relationships?
Shame about missing developmental milestones?


Sometimes, life is really tough, and you need support to figure things out, to get relief from unbearable feelings, or to just plain feel better and less defective. Sometimes, you’ve got friends and others who truly love you, but you feel afraid that you’ll  “use them up,” because you need more than they can possibly give you.

I’ve been a psychologist for over three decades, and at this point, I’ve probably heard it all. I love this work, and I’m not burned out at all by dealing with grief, depression, anxiety or trauma.

I view trauma very broadly, so I tend to use a trauma lens where others might not. I will try to get you to incorporate middle aged man serious purchased dreamstime[1]mindfulness, tapping, and any other techniques which will help you be able to tolerate and understand your feelings. You’ll learn to view things that upset you in dual consciousness, so that you can think and feel about them at the same time.  You’ll learn not to let upsetting feelings overwhelm you.

My style is eclectic. I’ve been trained in a number of schools of therapy—multimodal therapy, imagery, hypnosis, EMDR, Sensorimotor therapy and psychodynamic therapy.  I do what works with each individual person.

I value humor and play a lot, so see if that fits with your value system and your goals.

I will tell you that if you are very depressed or anxious. I am likely to want to use psychotropic drugs if you don’t start feeling better with psychotherapy alone. I know several really wonderful psychopharmacologists, and I work well with them.  Sometimes, when things are really bad, people get caught in looping, negative thoughts, and that makes it almost impossible to make progress and feel hope. The meds can really help.

I am happy to work with you short term on your problems, if that will be effective. I am known for doing deep, integrative, longer term work, though.

If you are curious if I may be able to help you, please contact me. 781-863-1877