Dr. Z as Speaker

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 Dr. Zoldbrod is available as a speaker at your next meeting.

Besides the speeches delivered recently, popular general workshop and speech topics are:

  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex (workshop)SexSmart cover 2010 jpeg
  • Raising SexSmart Adolescents
  • Having the Best Sex Ever at Midlife and Beyond
  • The Secrets of Successful Marriage
  • Our Mothers and Our Sexuality
  • Exploding the Myth of the Perfect Woman
  • Breaking Free of Body Tyranny: How to Have The Best Sex Ever, Today!!
  • SexSmart Marriages: What Men and Women Do Not Understand About Eachother
  • Stalking the Sexual Trance: Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Closer to Your Partner.

Recovery Topics Include:

  • Sexual Addiction: Coming Face to Face with Your Past
  • Wives of Sexual Addicts: A Workshop for Sharing and Healing
  • Your Family of Origin and Your Sexual Addiction
  • For ACOA’s Only: Reinventing Your Sexuality
  • Fighting Your Flight From Intimacy

Infertility Topics:MenWomenInfertility

  • Men, Women and Infertility
  • Men, Women and Sexuality
  • For Men Only (a workshop)
  • Using Imagery to Cope with Fertility Problems
  • Loving Your Body During Infertility


Please call to request to Dr. Zoldbrod to speak on a different topic.
Telephone 781-863-1877