In this section are some articles I have written over the years. Many of them came from  I believe they may be helpful to some of you. You’ll also find a link to a sex chat I did with people who wrote in (August, 2013). Scroll down through the articles, and see if any of them address your problem.  The sex chat is at the end. Maybe someone wrote in with a question similar to one you have, so you might want to check that out.

Female Sexual Dysfunction, Anxiety:
If you are a woman with arousal or orgasm difficulties, or you know you are anxious, I would like you to read this article.
Click Here to read.

Problems with erections:
If you are having trouble with erections, please Click Here to read The Mind Body Erection Connection.

Sexless Marriage:
If you are living in a sexless marriage that is making you miserable, this article might help. Click Here.

Sexual Addiction:
If you want to read an article called “Sexual Addiction? Wrong Label?  We can now agree to disagree,“ Click Here.

Going through infertility?  Want to understand the male perspective?
Click Here to read about the male crisis in dealing with infertility.

How Some Women Like to Have Their Breasts Touched, and How Some Don’t:
Click Here to read this article, entitled Women, Breasts and Happiness

Assessing Intrapsychic Blocks to Sexual Pleasure: an article for professionals
Here is an article published in AASECT’s Contemporary Sexuality in 2003. Click Here to read it.

My Sex Chat (August, 2013)
Click Here to read the transcript of the one hour call-in live chat where I answered callers questions on sexuality.