Dr. Aline Zoldbrod in the Media

fa bropose2weblargeDr. Zoldbrod is  often featured in the media. She has appeared on local and national TV, on local, national and international radio, in print and on the internet.  She has been cited in the national press for over 20 years, beginning when she was cited in Lawrence Kutner’s New York Times “Parent and Child” column in March, 1991.

AARP Magazine, AARP Bulletin, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Boston Globe, The Boston Globe Magazine, The Boston Herald, The Boston Phoenix, Bride’s Magazine, Bridal Guide, The Chicago Tribune, Cosmo, The Courier Mail (Australia), Esquire, First for Women, Fit Pregnancy, Fortune, Glamour, Ladies Home Journal, The L.A. Times, The Nation (Thailand), The New York Times, The New York Post, Men’s Health, The Oakland Tribune, Oprah Magazine, Parents, Penthouse, Real Magazine, Redbook Magazine, Self, Seventeen, Shape, She Magazine, The Star Ledger (New Jersey), Time, The Toronto Sun (Canada), USA Today, The Week, US News and World Report, The Washington Post,  Women’s Health , and Working Woman.


Dr. Zoldbrod has been seen as an expert on the internet for decades. She began by being an editor at the Human Sexuality Service (HSX) on Compuserve, decades ago.  More recently, she served as IVillage’s Expert on the Mismatched Libidos message board for a year. Dr. Zoldbrod also has written about sexuality on several websites. She had a column on hisandherhealth.com entitled “Life from A to Z,” and has written articles on sexuality for VibranceAssociates websites, www.hisandherhealth.com and www.newshe.com. She is quoted in other web-media, such as parentstoday.com, msn.com, lhj.com,  and iVillage.com.

Dr. Z is frequently cited on the Internet.  You can find her quoted  on:

Asteelmagnolia.com; Bitterjealousfatties.com; Being present forlife.com; borntolove.com;  Bravehearts.org; Consumerhealthday.com; Dating.; Demodirt.com;  Lovetoknow.com; Easybranches.com; Endrape.msu. edu;

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