SEX SMART: How your childhood shaped your sexual life and what to do about it

SexSmart is an award winning book* hailed by more than a dozen of America’s top experts in mental health and sexuality as

“the best explanation of sexuality that we have ever encountered”

“an optimistic, empowering guide and the best book available to assess, confront and change inhibiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors stemming from family-of-origin issues.”

When you were a teenager, you expected your parents to sabotage your sex life. However, you don’t expect it to keep happening when you are an adult. book_small_buy

According to sex therapist Aline P. Zoldbrod Ph.D., that’s just what’s happening to millions upon millions of people. Dr.Zoldbrod’s book, SexSmart: How Your Childhood Shaped Your Sexual Life and What to Do About It explains how childhood family patterns are what shape us sexually as adults, and exactly what we can do to kick Mom and Dad out of our bedrooms.

SexSmart is based on a new discovery: an easy-to- understand model of sexual development. This model can be your roadmap to increasing success with love and sexuality.

Dr. Zoldbrod’s wisdom in SexSmart: How Your Childhood Shaped Your Sexual Life and What to Do About It can help you solve your problems with sex and love, even if you have been mystified and frustrated for many years
SexSmart will introduce you to stories of people just like you, explain what went wrong in their lives, and offer concrete recommendations about what you can do to help yourself.

SexSmart reveals that everyday, mundane events from childhood, such as how our parents touched, socialized, and even disciplined us determine how healthy our sex lives are today.

Recent research has shown that about one third of all Americans aged 18-59 have some sort of sexual difficulty. Dr. Zoldbrod says that these problems, everything from a lack of desire, arousal problems, or sexual pain to sexual addiction, can often be traced to problematic family relationships.

Beyond identifying the problem, she will teach you how to break out of the patterns that are binding you and become sexually free in a way you never have before.

SexSmart gives parents valuable tips on what to do to produce SexSmart children and SexSmart adolescents, who value themselves and their sexual gifts, make good choices in their friends and partners, know who and how to trust, and feel comfortable in their own sexuality.

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