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I’m proud of all my books. All were commercially published. SexSmart won an award for being one of the top three self help books of 1998 and was also picked as one of the top self help books in an article in APA’s Monitor on Psychology.  SexSmart has been translated into Polish, Turkish and Spanish. All of them got good reviews and have been cited in the professional literature. Click Here to see a list of the books in which my books have been cited.

SexSmart  and Sex Talk  are still available through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  If you want to buy a copy of Men, Women and Infertility: Intervention and Treatment Techniques (1993, Macmillan) , or a copy of Getting Over the Boulder in the Road (a booklet, self-published), give me a call at 781-863-1877. You can read about Sex Smart and Sex Talk on the drop down menu, and you can get still more information and reviews for all three books if you Click This Link